Actionable Feedback Policy for SAILNSTAY


At SAILNSTAY, we believe that feedback is an essential part of our journey towards excellence. Our Actionable Feedback Policy outlines how we collect, process, and implement feedback from our valued customers.

Feedback Collection

Diverse Channels: We gather feedback through various channels, including online surveys, feedback forms provided during or after trips, social media interactions, and direct communication via email or phone.
Encouraging Openness: We encourage honest and constructive feedback, welcoming both positive comments and constructive criticism.

Processing Feedback

Timely Review: All feedback is reviewed promptly by our dedicated team to ensure timely understanding and action.
Categorization: Feedback is categorized into areas such as service quality, accommodation, sailing experiences, and overall satisfaction to streamline the process.
Confidentiality and Respect: We handle all feedback confidentially and with the utmost respect for the privacy and opinions of our customers.

Implementing Feedback

Action Plans: We develop action plans based on recurring themes or specific suggestions in the feedback.
Continuous Improvement: Feedback is integral to our continuous improvement process, helping us to enhance our services, address any issues, and enrich our customers’ experiences.
Transparency in Actions: We believe in transparency and will communicate how customer feedback has led to tangible changes or improvements in our services.

Feedback Follow-up

Acknowledgment: We acknowledge every piece of feedback, ensuring our customers feel heard and valued.
Updates on Progress: Where appropriate, we provide updates to the individuals who offered feedback, especially when their suggestions have led to significant changes.


Your voice matters to us at SAILNSTAY. Every piece of feedback is an opportunity for us to grow and enhance your travel experiences. We are committed to listening, improving, and delivering the best in sailing and stay experiences.